Bright New Wearld – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avail of the services?

We value the relationship we have with all of our clients, so the services we offer are customized everyone. There are forms available for each service which requires contact information to allow us to communicate with you and cater to your needs.

Can I avail of the services outside the Philippines?

We have only just begun, so we cannot accommodate service requests from other countries; however, products can be made available with additional fees for shipping except for downloadable products. Rest assured that we will work on expanding to reach a wider scope.

How can payments be made?

For services, payments can be made personally, through check or bank transfer as maybe stipulated by agreement

For products, payments are to be made via PayPal or through the allowed payment methods of the affiliated merchants (e.g. Amazon)

How can I help?

We are currently working on  organizing events which will allow people to volunteer in worthwhile activities. In the meantime, you can support our endeavor by availing of our products and services.